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Charter Members

WAGS is founded on the principle of stong ethics and support from its founding Charter members. If you need a sponsor for membership into WAGS, perhaps you know one of our Charter members? The Charter members listed below can aid you in finding the correct paperwork and to also sponsor you for membership into WAGS.

Ron Bahn Paul S. & Bunny Baker David & Catherine Smith William Person, Jr.
Paul Beer Bill & Barbara Champion   Jenny Schwartz
Larry & Sue Foxx Dick & Diana Giles Kenny Swadley Albert J. & June J. Stefani
Jack & Carolyn Glenn John & Peggy Knapp Russ Weimer Ray & Rosalie Lovelace
David Kruppenbacher Bill & Judy Kuhn Mellody Smith  
Diana Lynn & Jim Hickling Roy Meadows & B. Jane Brymer    
Tom & Bev Moran Jim Nance    
Harry Riva Sharon J. Roberts    
Howard Seifert Richard & Valera Slonkosky    
Richard & Kay Stafford Greg & Rebecca Stahl    
Mary Anne Stein John W. Wright    

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