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Announcing-- 16th Annual WAGS Convention !!!

The WAGS annual convention for 2018 will be held in Asheville, North Carolina.

Convention dates are Sunday, Sept. 2 through Tuesday, Sept. 4 at:
Crowne Plaza Asheville Resort

More information will be published in The Casting Call and also on the WAGS FORUM.

****YOU MUST BE A WAGS dues paying MEMBER in order to attend. YOU MAY NOT come to the convention and try to join WAGS at the convention. We have had many try and then be turned away in anger.****

Best regards, The WAGS Convention Committee


Future WAGS Conventions

2018 Asheville NC

2019 Rochester NY area

2020 Hot Springs AR area


Past Conventions

March 1, 2003 (Organizational meeting of WAGS Charter members in Syracuse, NY)
1st -2003 in Sidney, Ohio
2nd -2004 in Erie, PA
3rd -2005 in Chatanooga, TN
4th -2006 in Sturbridge, MA
5th -2007 in York, PA
6th -2008 in Des Moines, IA
7th -2009 in Plano, TX
8th -2010 in Carlisle, PA
9th -2011 in Fife, WA
10th -2012 in Canton, OH
11th -2013 in Erie, PA
12th -2014 in St. Louis, MO
13th -2015 in Chatanooga, TN
14th -2016 in Grand Rapids, MI
15th -2017 in Reading, PA






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