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Put your Griswold, Wagner or other collectables on a complete inventory program.

The program will work on all PC computers with Windows 98 OS and higher. The program has many features....the major features are described below.

1. Database is only limited to the amount of hard drive space on your computer.

2. Full inventory coverage of collections by manufacturer, category, sub-category and item.

3. Search for items by description, category, sub-category, pattern numbers or manufacturer.

4. Load and store up to 11 pictures per item, all pictures have zoom in feature to pick up the smallest detail. Pictures can also be printed.

5. Buy and sell pricing along with dates bought and sold.

6. Complete reports on entire database or by category, sub-category or items.

7. Total value for insurance purposes.

8. Fully customizable fields, with one click of a button you can create your own fields and store the data.

9. Export database to: MS Excel, MS Word, Lotus, Text, HTML.

10. Automatic backup of data every ONE MINUTE and back up to floppy disk and CD.

AND MUCH, MORE...... INVENTORY DATABASE IS AVAILABLE TO WAGS MEMBERS FOR ONLY $32.00 POSTPAID. Also available to NON members for $52.00 postpaid.

Email John Knapp for further details and ordering procedure


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